Profile / Story


’今夜、あの街から’(Konya anomachikara)
A.K.A YORUMACHI is the music duo group
formed with the main artist 
‘Vocaloid Producer Nora’ and Layla.

Nora collaborates with 
female vocalist (Layla) 
on every one of his repertoire.

’今夜、あの街から’is formed in June 2021.

The two people’s 
desire of escaping 
from the ruined city
and changing the world is 
about to be exploded.

About Nora

A 24 year old Nora is a talented musician who can handle all of the music productions as a composer/arranger/lyricist/engineer.
He started his music career online platform to make a new music history with his original tunes. He came up with his stage name ‘Vocaloid Producer Nora’ and formed ’今夜、あの街から’(Konya anomachikara). His debut single 'ショウニントウソウ’(Shounintousou)has been released on 5th of June,2021.

About Layla

All the female artists who collaborate with Nora are called ‘Layla’. The latest release ’Kufuku’(クウフク) is featured by Artist ‘VALSHE’.


The city ruled 
by dark and ruined music

Only the neon sign 
gleams venomously.

Nora and Layla are the two people 
who are dreaming
to escape from the city 
and change the world.

After the two people passed 
numerous nights
with the desire of seeking 
their own innovative music,

They are about to take off 
to the journey.